28 Transformational Projects in the Mohawk Valley as Part of Downtown Revitalization Initiative and NY Forward Programs

Projects Announced in Clinton, Kirkland, Cooperstown, Dolgeville and Sharon Springs

Project Renderings Available

Governor Kathy Hochul recently announced a total of 28 transformational projects for the Mohawk Valley region as part of two economic development programs: the Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) and NY Forward. Eleven projects were announced for the Village of Clinton and Town of Kirkland, the Round 6 winner of a $10 million DRI award. Eight projects were announced for the Village of Cooperstown, a Round 1 winner of a $4.5 million NY Forward award. The Villages of Dolgeville and Sharon Springs, both Round 1 NY Forward winners with $2.25 million awards, received four and five projects, respectively.

“The Downtown Revitalization Initiative and NY Forward programs are essential in supporting New York’s downtowns,” Governor Hochul said. “Funding for these projects will assist communities to carry out their visions to energize their communities and enhance quality of life for their residents and all those who visit.”

Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI)

The Village of Clinton and the Town of Kirkland were named the Mohawk Valley’s winner of the sixth round of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative in 2023. The eleven projects selected seek to encourage an inclusive and accessible community by rebuilding key public spaces, develop affordable housing units in close proximity to downtown amenities and invest in key downtown institutions like the Kirkland Art Center.

This new investment, coupled with past funding, will create a strong foundation for revitalizing downtowns. This includes the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings, along with infill development offering mixed-income housing options.

The DRI investments are part of the Governor’s ongoing efforts to revitalize the economy and create more opportunities in the Mohawk Valley. The DRI is led by the Department of State, which provides technical assistance as each participating community develops a Strategic Investment Plan identifying specific projects which, together, realize a unique vision for the revitalization of the downtown area.

The DRI-funded projects directly complement the community’s Strategic Investment Plan. They are consistent with the key goals outlined in the plan, such as emphasizing the Town & Village’s unique character through genuine experiences. This focus on authenticity aims to attract new residents and businesses, fostering organic growth. Additionally, the awarded projects prioritize inclusive development, ensuring that the Clinton-Kirkland community’s rich heritage and diversity are celebrated and respected.

The Village of Clinton and Town of Kirkland joined the communities of Utica, Rome, Amsterdam, Oneonta, Gloversville, and Little Falls, which were the Mohawk Valley’s winners in the first five DRI rounds.

The $9.7 million State investment in these projects through the DRI will leverage additional public and private investments as the revitalization process proceeds and builds momentum.

The 11 Clinton and Kirkland DRI projects, totaling $9.7 million, include:

Reimagine, re-create: Transform Community Arts at the Kirkland Art Center ($1,931,000)
Renovate the Kirkland Art Center (KAC) into a modern, accessible community arts facility. The KAC will rebuild the old barn structure to include a state-of-the-art pottery studio, children’s dance studio and spaces for traditional and visual arts programming. The KAC will also add a new culinary arts studio and stabilize the historic church structure.

Reimagine the Village Green ($2,000,000)
Redesign the Village Green to improve traffic flow, increase pedestrian accessibility and add amenities within the historic greenspace. Proposed improvements include new landscaping, lighting the replacement/relocation of sidewalks and the addition of a public Wi-Fi network.

Construct New Apartment Buildings on Lewis Road ($1,500,000)
Reactivate historically vacant land by constructing apartments near the Village. The project adds to the Town’s housing stock in a desirable and walkable area.

Build New Apartment(s) Community on Remediated Brownfield at Taylor Ave. and Utica St. ($1,500,000)
Build a small apartment community on a vacant brownfield at the north end of the Village of Clinton. The project will expand the Village’s housing stock and improve connectivity within the Village.

Convert Vacant Commercial Space into a New Craft Hard Cider Operation at 43 College St. ($270,000)
Convert a former commercial laundry facility to expand local craft cider operations and encourage agrotourism in the Village. The project will result in a new offshoot of the Clinton Cider Mill dedicated to the production of craft hard cider using locally sourced fruit pressed at the Mill’s Elm Street location.

Expand the Clinton Cider Mill for Year-Round Operation in its 100th Year ($364,000)
Expand the existing retail space with a new, climate controlled, ADA-compliant addition that will include an expanded outdoor seating area, indoor dining space, customer bathrooms and a wheelchair lift into the building.

Expand Amenities at the Kirkland Town Library to Reflect Emerging Needs ($153,000)
Create a public incubator/makerspace, gathering space and mural to respond to emerging needs in the community.

Build New Housing at 17 Kirkland Ave ($440,000)
Construct a new apartment building, providing much-needed residential space in a neighborhood and improve the quality and quantity of the Village’s housing stock.

Establish the Clinton-Kirkland Small Project Fund ($600,000)
The Clinton-Kirkland Small Project Fund will be accessible for businesses and non-profit organizations to conduct building upgrades, such as facades or interior upgrades.

Create Complete Streets for All ($750,000)
Implement a series of complete streets improvements to increase walkability and accessibility in key areas. Improvements will be made along Franklin, Elm, Norton, Kirkland and McBride.

Placemaking through Branding, Marketing and Wayfinding ($192,000)
Enhance the visibility of the Clinton-Kirkland downtown area and small business community through a large-scale branding and marketing campaign and the installation of wayfinding signage.

NY Forward

Building on the momentum of the State’s successful Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI), the $100 million NY Forward program adopts the same “Plan-then-Act” strategy as the DRI to support a more equitable downtown recovery for New York’s smaller and rural communities. NY Forward investments are part of the Governor’s ongoing efforts to revitalize the economy and create more opportunities in the Mohawk Valley Region of New York State.

The Village of Cooperstown NY Forward Projects, totaling $4.5 Million, include:

Develop Willow Brook Residential Housing ($1,300,000)
Develop 13 new residential units in a mix of apartment and townhomes in the Railroad Avenue district, including the integration of an historic structure on the site.

Create a Community Art Space at 53 Pioneer Street ($640,000)
Rehabilitate a significant historic structure for year-round use as a community art space and artist studio.

Improve Pedestrian Conditions on Pioneer Alley ($530,000)
Improve the pedestrian environment in Pioneer Alley by repaving the surface with macadam and brick and adding lighting.

Redesign and Improve Pedestrian Conditions on Hoffman Lane ($743,000)
Transform Hoffman Lane by improving pedestrian design and elevating Hoffman Lane as a gateway to Lakefront Park.

Build Sidewalks on Grove Street ($310,000)
Install sidewalks and crosswalks to facilitate connectivity between Main Street, the Trolley Lot and Glen Avenue.

Improve Access and Circulation on Fowler Way ($625,000)
Design and implement improvements to enhance safe pedestrian and vehicular circulation, improve ADA access and elevate the gateway to Doubleday Field from Chestnut Street.

Improve Wayfinding Along Upper Main Street ($52,000)
Install new wayfinding signage along upper Main Street in order to draw pedestrians to points of interest between the Trolley Lot and lower Main Street.

Small Project Fund ($300,000)
Establish a Small Project Fund for facade restoration, small building improvements, public art and business assistance.

The Village of Sharon Springs NY Forward Projects, totaling $2.25 Million, include:

Renovate Historic Klinkhart Hall, 191 Main Street ($541,000)
Restore the building to house a community center and theatre to support local arts programming. Completely renovate the interior of the second floor, stabilize the first floor to be safe for occupancy, and install a sprinkler system on all floors, an elevator to provide ADA access to the second floor, and facade improvements to revamp the exterior.

Redevelop Chalybeate Spring Park, 199 Main Street ($1,000,000)
Relocate the Chalybeate Spring Temple, construct a new event pavilion at the rear of the park, and install formal pathways, improved lighting, new landscaping, benches, handicap parking, reinforced greenspace for food trucks, public restroom and storage building.

Renovate the Historic Lehman Block ($240,000)
Renovate and restore the exterior of the entire 7,500 square-foot historic structure including siding, windows, door trim, eaves, and corbels. Upgrade the stone foundation, expand the drainage system, install insulation, and restore one of the storefronts.

Free Spa District Public Wi-Fi, Main Street ($169,000)
Install 3,000 LF broadband fiber and shared network equipment on public and private structures for the implementation of an open public Wi-Fi service at no cost to provide year-round support for five years along Main Street.

Implement Small Project Fund, NY Forward Area ($300,000)
Provide small businesses and organizations within the Sharon Springs NY Forward rea with the financial support needed to bridge potential funding gaps for building renovations, business assistance, public art, and soft costs.

The Village of Dolgeville NY Forward Projects, totaling $2.25 Million, include:

Transform Center Park ($1,770,000)
Improvements include a partially enclosed pavilion with public restrooms, a kitchen and a three-season community event room. The project will also include the construction of a splash park located near the existing playground as well as the installation of a multi-use path at the western boundary of the park along Helmer Avenue.

Create Fitness Center at 31-33 South Main Street ($135,000)
This building will be renovated for a women’s fitness center on the first floor in addition to a facade renovation. A critical part of the project will replace the current natural gas space heaters with a high-efficiency heat pump.

Renovate Former Food Basket at 14 Baker Street ($117,000)
Renovate the former “Food Basket” building and establish a deli and small grocery.

Establish a Small Project Fund ($228,000)
This project will create a grant fund for a wide array of improvements including facade renovation, commercial or residential unit rehabilitation, select business assistance activities or public art.

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