St. Johnsville Paints the Town

We stopped by the Village of St. Johnsville yesterday and checked out the progress on the “Paint the Town” project all along Main Street.

The Paint the Town Project is a grassroots, volunteer led, effort to help spruce up the business store fronts in the business district along Main Street. The project is a partnership between the Bridge Street Diner, The Friends of St. Johnsville, along with generous support from Mayor Dawn White and village leaders. The effort involves painting along with some minor repairs to help maintain the store fronts. Volunteers are using historic paint schemes in the color choices and the entire section will look amazing when completed.

Volunteer led project

St. Johnsville

Volunteer Jordan McDaniel, Paints the Town in St. Johnsville, NY

We were able to get caught up with the project from volunteer Jordan McDaniel while he was repositioning the man lift. He was happy to take a few moments to share their progress and what the volunteers hope to achieve before winter arrives. Jordan is a volunteer on the project and really enjoys the work and making things a little bit better for these properties on Main Street, and the Village of St. Johnsville.

I am just happy to be part of this project. It is nice to be working together on something that it seems the whole village is getting behind. People drive by honk their horns and show support when we are out here painting, and many people stop by to thank us for what we’re doing together.

Jordan went on to say, “I’m supporting Christine and the partnership of the Bridge Street Diner and the Friends of St. Johnsville who pulled this all together. We all really appreciate the support and are glad to be doing something good for the village. The mayor has allowed us this spot for the lift and we get a lot of support from the village.”

The team of volunteers have the lift through Sunday, October 15th, and will push to see how much they can accomplish before this very helpful resource will have to be returned.

Thanks to all the volunteers for all your hard work making the village of St. Johnsville, Montgomery County, and the Mohawk Valley a great place to live work and play, while show what can be done when communities work together for the common good.

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